2 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Your Car

Posted on: 7 August 2015


Everyone wants to get a good deal on their car. Whether you are buying a new or used car, feeling like you overpaid can be one of the worst feelings in the world. This is why it is important that, before you go shopping for a new car, you know what to do to get the best deal and the best value out of your old car.

1. Trade In vs. Private Sell

The first step to buying a new car is getting rid of your old one. There are a couple different ways that you can go about selling your old car. You can trade it in at a dealership or you can privately sell it. There are perks to both.

When you trade it in at a dealership, you will not get the best deal on the car. They won't pay you what the car is worth; instead, they will pay you the wholesale value. This is because they expect to have to make repairs and then resell the car for a profit. However, when you trade in a car, the value of the car goes straight toward the new car. This means that you only pay sales tax on the difference and not the value of the new car.

If you choose to sell privately, you will probably get a better deal for your car because you are selling it for what it is worth. However, this could take a good deal of time, and when you do buy a new car, you will pay tax on the full amount. It really depends on the amount of time you have and if you are able to take weeks, or even months, to sell your old car and then be without a car while you shop for a new one.

2. Shop During The Middle Of The Week

Once you have decided what to do with your old car, you are probably ready to start shopping. Although you may have more time during the weekend, you should avoid shopping during this time. The dealerships are busier during the weekend, which means that you will get less service, and the salesmen won't be as eager to negotiate because they will be busy. If you go during a low time, you are more likely to get more attention and a salesman who is trying to meet their monthly quota.

By understanding the basics of buying a new car you can be prepared to get the best deal possible and be confident with your purchase. To get started, check out a company like Peterborough Chrysler Jeep Dodge.